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Chemat Vision Inc. focuses on providing the most advanced lens processing technology solutions specially to ECPs optical labs. Chemalux CTC-300 Freeform Lab is most a fordable digital surfacing lab system including hard coating &AR coating. PTC-100 OD lab is the smallest surfacing lab even including SR/AR coating machine, ideal for small ECPs labs. We support our ECPs labs with both US wholesale Rx labs for backup Rx services and high volume overseas labs for most valuable Rx lenses. We are the good partner for ECPs optical Labs.

Founded in 1990, Chemat Technology Inc. has established itself as a world leader in the development of advanced materials via sol-gel technologies. Headquartered in LosAngeles area, California, Chemat’s R&D labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art analytical and processing equipment for chemical precursor synthesis, design and manufacturing of equipment, and advanced materials processing and characterization. Chemat Technology has successfully completed over one hundred Research & Development contracts for government agencies and industry clients and has won numerous awards for its excellent technologies. It’s mission is to provide the best solution based on the most advanced technologies with the solgel technology as the core to the targeted industry. Chemat staff includes professionals with Ph.D.'s and Masters degrees in Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. For more information, visit