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Cut-To-Coat (CTC) Technology for Digital Lens Surfacing

The rough surface generated by lens lathe is generally polished to a smooth surface which has worked very well in toric surfaces. However, the precise optic in the freeform lens surface cut by SINGLE POINT diamond is destroyed by a polished PAD. This optic degrading becomes significant for higher order of optics such as wavefront optics. Chemat Vision has adopted the widely used spin-on planarization technology in the semiconductor industry to freeform lenses by developing optical index matching coatings for the extremely smooth lens surface cut by Chemalux DG generator (former DAC-Intl’s RxD Lathe) to create the industry first Cut-To-Coat Technology for digitally cut lenses. This results a perfect freeform system for ECPs’ labs with:

- Better optics (even with wavefront optics)
- Low capital and operation cost since no digital polishers and expensive polishing  
  padsare needed;
- Simple and fast process with minimum maintenance.
- Compact and easy-to-use lab systems